Fans uncover ‘Hawkeye’ deleted scenes that delve into some backstory


The initial six-episode Hawkeye series has had its attention-grabbing run over the Christmas break, but Disney Plus is revealing what could have been included, via deleted scenes that fans claim to have found via the Hotstar streaming platform in India.

Eagle-eyed fans discovered the content and took to the r/marvelstudios subreddit late yesterday to discuss 13 clips that appear to be unavailable in the United States. According to the thread, one scene expands on Clint Barton’s history by showcasing his childhood. Another re-introduced Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin during the third episodes’ flashback to Maya Lopez/Echo (Alaqua Cox)’s childhood, as the uncle who picks her up from martial arts lessons.

Fans learning of the deleted scenes were particularly curious about the Clint Barton backstory, wondering why that wasn’t included when the show was otherwise engaged with delivering into what made the title character who he is.

“‘Cause the show was more interested in Kate,” one Redditor cracked, referring to Kate Bishop and her central role to the show.

“Makes sense,” observed another Redditor. “She’s the future.”

The emergence of deleted scenes on a streaming service is a rarity if not an outright first from Marvel. While the movies do have deleted offerings in their extras sections on Disney Plus, deleted scenes like the one involving the Frog of Thunder from Loki, which We Got This Covered discussed back in July when it first surfaced, as well as the rabbit which turned into a demon during the finale of WandaVision, remain unavailable to streamers.

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