Fans Want Supergirl To Be Gay So Badly It Trends On Twitter

In case you somehow missed the news Superman came out as bisexual. While fans’ reactions were anywhere from excited to saying it was literally destroying America, there’s no doubt the change was impactful. Now it seems that fans want to see another caped crusader fly under the rainbow.

SUPERGIRL IS GAY trended on Twitter today with fans unsurprisingly saying that Supergirl is gay and that they want it to become canonized in the show. Many fans want her to be dating Lena Luthor is what shippers have dubbed “SuperCorp” and it seems the passion to see it happen is so strong that thousands of users took to Twitter to try and make it happen.

Best of all? It’s not even the first time this has happened.

Some fans have pointed out (jokingly) some stereotypical “gay traits” that Supergirl has that obviously makes her gay.

And of course, SuperCorp supporters are out in full force.

And unsurprisingly, many are also upset about what they think may be an official announcement.

Fans are even making some impressive fanart in support of the movement.

And hey, DC said it themselves right?

While Supergirl hasn’t been made canonically gay on the show as of yet, it’s obvious there’s a lot of fan support to make it happen. Do you support SuperCorp and want to see it happen? Tell us in the comments!