US Senate Candidate Implies DC Comics Is “Literally Trying To Destroy America” — Gets Roasted

There’s no denying that Superman has some deeply patriotic roots. Ever since World War II, the caped crusader was out in his red and blue uniform beating down baddies like Adolf Hitler himself! Despite this, a recent decision by the team at DC Comics to have current Superman Jon Kent come out as bisexual has one major politician seething.

Josh Mandel, former Treasurer of the State of Ohio and current US Senate candidate, was extremely unhappy with the decision, so much so that he took to Twitter to complain about the move in the most extreme way possible.

While prominent Comicsgate supporter and artist Ethan Van Scriver dropped the rumor that Superman would be gay months ago with quotes like “they are coming for your children” leaving his lips, it was all the more shocking to see a political candidate come so hard for the comics comic.

Unsurprisingly, a ton of DC fans came in strong in the way Twitter is best known for — quote tweets, comments, and a serious comedic roast.

One user channeled The Killers for their memetastic reply.

Even the Libertarian Party of Texas took a shot at the senate hopeful.

Though one user did keep things serious to great internet applause.

So while it’s unlikely that DC Comics is “literally trying to destroy America” it’s obvious some fans aren’t happy with the change. As Jon Kent is confirmed bisexual, it’s possible he may have a wide array of partners across several genders throughout the series’ run. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens!