Fans weigh in on whether Disney’s ‘Daredevil’ needs blood and extreme violence to succeed

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In the days following the announcement of a new Daredevil series coming to Disney Plus, fans have wondered whether the Mouse House’s heads of programming will soften the superhero.

M3X25 on Reddit heard those complaints and wrote, “I’ve seen lots of people saying it’s gonna be bad or not as good as the Netflix one because it’s gonna be more family friendly or it won’t have blood or extreme violence.” However, the Redditor offered a provocative counterpoint: “Daredevil doesn’t need blood or extreme violence to be good.”

“Most of Daredevil good stories don’t have extreme violence,” they continued in sic’d syntax. “If you take Frank Miller’s Daredevil run during Daredevil Vol 1, you’ll not see extreme violence. If take any other run, Bendis’ or Waid’s run, you’ll not see extreme violence. You will obviously see blood, people being killed, but that’s not new for the MCU. Netflix show gave Daredevil a very realistic tone, his comics aren’t this violent.”

Many of the nearly 300 responses are in agreement.

Some opponents have made good points, though.

Ultimately, it’s hard to disagree with M3X25’s conclusion:

Daredevil isn’t about violence, it’s about Matt trying to understand himself and why God took his sight but gave him a better one, trying to do better, being a better person, a better hero.

Aside from the Disney connection and that Matt Corman and Chris Ord are set to write/executive produce, everything about the new Daredevil is a question mark. Until we know more, we’ll have to rely on Reddit debates to keep us stimulated.

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