One Fantastic Four Member May Debut In Upcoming Disney Plus Show

Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four are on their way to the MCU. Last month, a(nother) reboot movie for Marvel’s First Family was finally officially announced, with Spider-Man director Jon Watts set to helm, but we still have many questions about how the heroes will be folded into the franchise. For one, given how Marvel usually does things, it’s unlikely their own film will be where they’re introduced. And, according to the latest word on the topic, one of the foursome could debut before the rest.

Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph has shared what she’s heard about the Four’s arrival in the MCU on social media. “#Marvel is looking for #FantasticFour actors right now & will likely go w/ smaller, highly regarded actors rather than a big name,” the scooper said. As for when they could first appear, she added: “Also theories that they’ll be introduced in #AntMan3 are correct, but one member could even show up earlier on #DisneyPlus.”

It’s Randolph’s last point that’s most intriguing and obviously, it leaves us with two questions: Which one of the Four is she talking about and which Disney Plus show could they feature in? Well, seeing as Reed Richards and Sue Storm are typically paired together, that means either Johnny Storm/Human Torch or Ben Grimm/The Thing is more likely to be the single character debuting earlier than the rest.

As for which series they could show up in, that’s very tricky to say without more info as there are just so many in the works and none of them necessarily scream out as an obvious place for one of the Four to cameo. Could it be in Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Secret Invasion, Ironheart or Armor Wars? Or maybe even in one of those that’s already been shot, like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision or Loki? Or perhaps an alternate version of the character may appear in the What If…? animated series?

Time will tell, but in the meantime, let us know your theories on how the Fantastic Four will be introduced into the MCU in the comments section down below.