Fargo Season 2 Teasers Promise Minnesotan Mayhem, Monotony


Fargo is one of those rare series that arrived almost perfectly formed in its first episode, balancing dark humor and delectably twisted violence in a way perfectly reminiscent of the Coen Brothers’ original film yet still distinct enough to let the show work on its own terms outside of the movie’s shadow.

Following the very conclusive events of the first season finale, however, Fargo will be taking the same route as another FX show, American Horror Story, by changing time period in order to tell another tale of Minnesotan crime and punishment.

Two new teasers (one above, one below) have now arrived for the season, which will be making its way to broadcast in September, and though they’re mere tasters for what showrunner Noah Hawley has in store, I’m still liking the feel of both of them.

Kirsten Dunst and Ted Danson are the centers of the two teasers. Dunst plays a beautician named Peggy Blomquist, who’s trying to come to terms with who she wants to be as a person while eking out a small-town existence in Minnesota. Her husband (Jesse Plemons) is a butcher’s assistant, who cautiously encourages his wife’s self-discovery even if he has difficulty understanding it. Meanwhile, Danson plays Sheriff Hank Larsson, who becomes embroiled in the season’s criminal activity.

Patrick Wilson also stars as Lou Solverson, taking over from the older Keith Carradine (this season jumps back in time a few decades and will likely address the mysterious calamity at Sioux Falls that was mentioned in hushed tones throughout season 1).

Fargo returns to FX this September.

Source: EW