‘Fear of the Walking Dead’ producer may join ‘Halo’ series as showrunner if there’s a season 2

Halo is finally premiering on Paramount Plus in March, but the process of bringing the sci-fi video game series to life in live-action has been a long and arduous journey; eight years, two networks, and a half a dozen creatives in the making. Now a new showrunner may be joining the series according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Showtime was originally the platform the military first-person shooter had designated as its home back in the early 2010s. Eventually, the series found its way to Paramount and began a two-year production cycle in Budapest, with showrunners Kyle Killen and Steven Kane each working on a certain aspect of the show. For Killen, the process involved the supervision of writing and production in the U.S. while Kane handled filming in the aforementioned European city.

Both creatives have since left the show, citing the workload as the main reason for their departure. “I never thought it would be more than a one-season thing because of the amount of work it takes,” Kane has said.

Now, according to what executive producer Justin Falvey told the media recently, per THR’s report, should there be a season two of Halo, the company is eyeing Fear the Walking Dead‘s David Wiener to take over from Killen and Kane.

Wiener has also served as a writer and producer on Brave New World, Homecoming, and Flesh and Bone.

For now, Paramount has yet to make an announcement regarding the future of Halo, which means that how well it performs on its streaming service will affect this decision. Will Master Chief’s live-action outing manage to generate enough hype to greenlight a second season? I guess only time will answer that question for us.