Fear The Walking Dead Creative Team Teases “Aggressive” Season 2


Lost at sea and struggling to come to terms with the formative days of the zombie apocalypse, the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead teed up a world standing on the brink of destruction, and AMC producers are battening down the hatches in preparation of an “aggressive” season 2.

Speaking during PaleyFest’s panel for FTWD (via /Film), Dave Erickson and Gale Anne Hurd hinted at some of the surprises in store going into the show’s sophomore run:

“Many, many fans of The Walking Dead said that they had the solution to the zombie apocalypse. They’d take a boat and go to sea. Well, you know what? They’re going to find out whether that was really the answer or not. I think some of what they’ll see will surprise them.”

Pegged to arrive on Sunday, April 10, season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead is building upon a strong – if slightly slow – inaugural season. That’s something that Erickson acknowledged, before teasing that the creative team have cooked up some “pretty aggressive” episodes.

“The show was purposely slower and that was just because it was new, it was early. We and Robert [Kirkman] wanted to explore what would the steps actually be? It’s difficult to really wrap your brain around the fact that somebody’s risen from the dead. It takes a little bit of time so I think that partly was why we went that way in season one. I think we’ll have episodes that are more contained and they’re more about the interpersonal, but we get pretty aggressive. We will not have a horde every episode but we’ll get there.”

Fear the Walking Dead shuffles back onto the small screen via AMC on Sunday, April 10.

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