Morgan’s Journey Carries Over Into Fear The Walking Dead With New Promo


There’s a geek-friendly crossover looming on the horizon. And we’re not referring to Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

Instead, we direct your attention towards the small screen (and AMC, in particular) in anticipation of Fear The Walking Dead season 4, which is about to welcome Morgan Jones into its midst for the very first time. In fact, this is the first instance of a character from The Walking Dead crossing over to the West Coast, where Madison Clark and her family were last seen having a close brush with death.

Don’t worry, they all survived that dam explosion, as evidenced by this newly-released promo for Fear The Walking Dead, which is once again told through the eyes of Lennie James’ hardened survivor, who’s currently losing his tentative grip on reality over on AMC’s core Walking Dead saga.

A trip to Texas is on the cards, then, and incoming showrunner Andrew Chambliss believes season 4 will dial things up to 11:

This season is all about a journey from isolation to community and it’s about people in a bleak and dark world looking for a shred of hope to keep fighting.

For Lennie James, Morgan’s crossover is an opportunity to deep dive into one of The Walking Dead‘s longest servants, and it’s a testimony to the character’s depth and likeability that Morgan has been selected as the one to make the jump.

Morgan is a man of extremes. If you’re going to kill, you might as well kill everybody. If you’re not going to kill, you shouldn’t kill anybody.

“In this world, you’ll be torn apart by teeth…or bullets.” On April 15th, AMC’s two-pronged zombie drama will collide in spectacular fashion as The Walking Dead season 8 reaches its conclusion. It’ll end just as Fear The Walking Dead season 4 begins, paving the way for a seamless transition between one show in the next. And if you happen to be located in North America, you have the chance to see that epic TV crossover play out on the big screen as part of AMC’s Survival Sunday.