First Plot Synopsis For Arrowverse Elseworlds Crossover Reveals Why Barry And Ollie Swap Bodies


Even though we’ve been gifted with numerous photos and even a few brief promos in recent memory, we’ve all had to piece together the plot of the next major Arrowverse crossover, “Elseworlds,” based on whatever we’ve had to go on. Fortunately, however, that changes today as a description for said event has finally been disclosed.

Before proceeding any further, I will say this isn’t the official synopsis to be released by The CW, something we imagine will arrive around this time next week. Instead, this comes by way of one of several exclusives published by Entertainment Weekly within the past few days, so rest assured that you can take it to the bank.

“The three-night event begins with Arkham Asylum doc John Deegan (Lost’s Jeremy Davies) rewriting reality, which results in Oliver (Amell) and Barry (Gustin) swapping lives. In this new reality, Oliver Queen looks like Gustin and Barry Allen looks like Amell, and the two heroes are the only ones who know they’re in the wrong lives and have each other’s powers. This not only explains what’s going on in the recent promos, but also why the actors have swapped costumes.”

Based on that, it’s even more safe to assume this John Deegan fella is probably Doctor Destiny, something the fanbase has been suspecting of late. Hey, we’re going to need a competent big bad to follow in the footsteps of Vandal Savage, the Dominators, Dark Arrow and Overgirl, so this would certainly be as good of an antagonist as any.

Like many of you, I can’t wait to see how this all plays out, but I was kind of hoping to see more alternate universes instead of a simple body swap. Then again, the producers may not want to tread too closely to what they did last year with “Crisis on Earth-X,” so the creative move is more than understandable.

This fall’s Arrowverse crossover begins on Sunday, December 9 with The Flash, continues on Monday, December 10 with Arrow, and wraps up on Tuesday, December 11 with Supergirl.