Finn Jones Reveals Iron Fist Season 2 Shooting Date, Promises Better Fight Scenes


Unfortunately for Marvel and Netflix, Iron Fist is not viewed favourably by most fans. While it does have some supporters, or at least those who claim it isn’t as bad as the critics say, the general consensus is that it was a letdown. One of the main areas that people criticize is the fight choreography. In fact, star Finn Jones has even admitted that he only got 15 minutes to prepare for action scenes while filming.

Thankfully, the actor has now revealed that he’ll begin preparing for the physical part of playing Danny Rand very soon, which should have an effect on the quality of the action. He also confirmed the news that Iron Fist season 2 is set to start shooting in “four or five months.”

“Now, just gonna let you know, moving into Season 2 of Iron Fist, I’m actually starting my training next week. We’re at least four or five months away from shooting, so this time around, I’m being given a lot more preparation leading up to Season 2, which I think is really gonna have a huge improvement on the quality of the fight scenes in Iron Fist.

This isn’t the only move Marvel and Netflix are making to ensure that Iron Fist‘s second run is received much more positively than the first. Raven Metzner (the screenwriter of 2005’s Elektra) is also taking over from Scott Buck as showrunner. Marvel maintains that Buck’s replacement is not due to the negative reception to his work on season 1 but rather because he’s busy working on ABC’s Inhumans, which also isn’t looking too promising.

Iron Fist season 2 is the fifth Marvel/Netflix show in the works. The Punisher is ready to be released later this year, while Jessica Jones and Luke Cage season 2 are currently filming. Daredevil season 3, meanwhile is due to go before the cameras in October. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot to look forward to for fans of these street-level heroes.