First Image From The Punisher Netflix Series Reveals Frank Castle In Fully Costumed Glory


Although some of you may argue with me for saying so, I’ve personally enjoyed every live action version of The Punisher to date. Even though each of the three movies were of varying quality, I felt that each flick – and actor – brought something unique to the table. After all, Frank Castle is most certainly a complicated guy and there’s not enough that could be said about what makes him tick.

Fortunately for us, though, is that television’s capable of exploring the depth of characters in ways movies just don’t have the time for. Not only that, but we get to meet so many different heroes and villains that probably won’t ever be able to make their way to the big screen. Needless to say, Marvel’s Netflix initiative and The CW’s DC TV universe have consistently been proof positive of just that.

So, knowing how mature, dramatic and brutally visceral Daredevil was, I’m very much excited to see how the folks behind The Punisher series will take Castle to the limit. Granted, we’ve already gotten an idea of what to expect via Hornhead’s show, but it could be argued that Frank wasn’t truly “the Punisher” yet, if you know what I mean.

Just last week, the first teaser trailer dropped, letting us know that we’re in for an experience as heavy as any Slayer album and now, a new image of Jon Bernthal in full gear has since made its way online (seen above), showing the actor donning threads vaguely reminiscent of those Ray Stevenson wore in 2008’s Punisher: War Zone.

Though the studio is yet to announce an official release date for The Punisher, all signs currently point toward a mid-November premiere. As always, watch this space for more.

Source: Screen Rant