First Action-Packed Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer Released


Well, this was a bit unexpected! After releasing the first promo image for its new Arrow/Flash spinoff series Legends of TomorrowThe CW has gone ahead and given us the full trailer as well, a few days earlier than expected. It was initially supposed to air after The Flash season finale on Wednesday, but now you can watch it above in all of its superhero glory.

Like all promos that come out of the upfronts, it pretty much spoils the events of the pilot episode. Still, it’s an excellent first look at what should prove to be a fun superhero series, and a great appetizer for those who can’t wait for the Justice League film to hit in 2017.

Legends of Tomorrow is, for all intents and purposes, a small screen Justice League that’s replaced the core group of DC heroes. In their place are a ragtag group of heroes and villains, including The Atom, Firestorm, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Hawkgirl, time-travelling Rip Hunter and a newly resurrected Sara Lance as White Canary (thanks to the help of the Lazarus Pit, as predicted). They get a bit of help from The Flash and Arrow, too, but from the looks of it, the team will be going through time without the help of the Scarlet Speedster and Emerald Archer.

If you thought The Flash and Arrow were action-packed, Legends of Tomorrow ups the ante in a big way. Hawkgirl looks fantastic in live-action and takes to the skies along with The Atom (who can finally shrink!) and Firestorm. Professor Stein may be missing his Ronnie Raymond half, but it still appears that he can flame on and kick ass with the best of them. How he’s able to do that remains a mystery, and one that may come when The Flash season finale airs on Tuesday.

All in all, the show looks like a fantastic step in the right direction for The CW’s corner of the DC universe. It’s the big team-up crossover event that comic book readers have grown so accustomed to, with a fun mix of new and established characters. It also dives head-first into its comic book roots, leaving Arrow‘s grounded and hyper-realistic foundation aside and going even further down the time travel rabbit hole than The Flash. 

So… is it Winter 2016 yet? And if not, can Rip Hunter help us get there?