Here’s Your First Look At Constantine In DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow


Ever since he first crossed over into the Arrowverse back in an episode of Arrow season 4, fans have been crying out for Matt Ryan to make a return appearance as John Constantine. At last, it was recently confirmed that the demon hunter would be turning up for a multi-episode arc in Legends of Tomorrow season 3. And now, thanks to exec producer Marc Guggenheim, we have our first look at Constantine on the show.

Guggenheim shared a photo of a screen playing LoT in the editing room, revealing a shot of Constantine paired up with Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer/the Atom. It’s not much, but we’ll take what we can get and given that this is now out in the open, we imagine there will be more to come in no time at all.

As we previously reported, Constantine will appear in episode 10, titled “Daddy Darhkest.” Yes, this will also see the return of Damien Darhk, the Arrow season 4 big bad who was last seen as one of the Legion of Doom on Legends season 2. Considering that both characters are themed around dark magic, it makes sense to pair them up in the same episode.

“Daddy Darhkest” will also see the Waverider crew join Constantine in visiting a creepy old insane asylum where Ryan’s chain-smoking occultist will perform an exorcism. The episode has been described as “The Exorcist meets One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.” We’ve also been told that it will revisit the Arrow season 4 finale, specifically revealing how Darhk was able to appear on Legends last year despite having been killed by Oliver.

Matt Ryan’s adventures as Constantine began in 2014, with the character’s short-lived TV series that aired on NBC. He’s become so synonymous with the hero though that he also voiced the part in Justice League Dark. Ryan’s next animated outing is in the upcoming Constantine mini-webseries, which looks to be a tonal continuation of his NBC show, with the lack of live-action allowing for more imaginative monsters and out-there horror.

Legends of Tomorrow airs every Tuesday on The CW. Tell us, are you looking forward to seeing Ryan join the crew? Let us know in the usual place!