First ‘Peaky Blinders’ season 6 images tease a melancholic end

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The wait for the sixth and final Peaky Blinders season is almost over, and new images released by the BBC (which you can view at Entertainment Weekly) show off all the characters who’ll be coming together for Tommy Shelby’s last ride.

The protagonist’s life has been one hell of a ride to sit through on the British gangster show. But every story has an end, and for Tommy, that end is catching up to him sooner than most fans initially assumed.

The promo images are mostly character shots that show us what the protagonists will look like in the final season. Tommy has mostly retained his apparel as a Member of Parliament, while Ada Thorne has really matured in age and looks from her first season character. Meanwhile, Michael Gray continues to imitate his cousin Tommy, both in fashion and choice of inebriation.

The upcoming sixth run, consisting of the usual six episodes, will take up the narrative where the previous outing left off, with Oswald Mosley rising through the political ranks and headlining the British Union of Fascists and Tommy Shelby on his side as a double agent for Winston Churchill.

Tommy was supposed to assassinate Mosley with the help of Churchill and one Alfie Solomons, though the antagonist somehow got wind of the plot and unraveled it before it could come to fruition. Having been defeated, the leader of Birmingham’s Peaky Blinders will now have to find another way to best Mosley before he can properly retire.

As showrunner Steven Knight has revealed, the original plan was for the series to end with the start of World War II, but it seems that the writer has now scrapped those plans, with the final season going well into and beyond the global conflict.

Where Tommy figures into this plan and how his story ends is anyone’s guess at the moment. Peaky Blinders season six will premiere on Feb. 27.

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