First Script For Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 2 Is Complete, Starz Confirms


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Such was the confidence flooding in for spinoff series Ash Vs. Evil Dead that, before the show made its bow late last year, Starz had ordered a second season to ensure that Bruce Campbell’s one-armed bandit and the zombie-slaying action had a secure future on the network. And with the inaugural season now in the can, Starz has confirmed that the first script for season 2 is in.

Word comes by way of CEO Chris Albrecht, who revealed that he’s laid eyes on the next chapter in Ash Vs. Evil Dead‘s run, before going on to throw his support behind the series and its lasting appeal.

“Saw the first script a couple days ago,” Albrecht said. “Looks really good. Second seasons are so important for series. That’s the difference between making a movie and making a series. The cast really gelled through the first season. They appropriately got a lot of acknowledgment from the fans and press. We’re really excited. This is a series. I think it’s got the legs of a real series. The storylines and what I’ve seen on paper back that up. We’re on track for another season in 2016.”

A total of ten half-hour episodes weren’t nearly enough content to chew through when it came to Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and fans will be pleased to note that development on the show’s sophomore outing is picking up pace.

Mind you, it’s still early days yet before Campbell, Lucy Lawless and Ray Santiago are dragged back into the action. Nevertheless, the fact that a script has been turned in suggests that the ball is now rolling, and we can hopefully look forward to more of Ash Vs. Evil Dead in late 2016. That Deadite plague isn’t going to solve itself.

Source: /Film

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