First Substantial Trailer For Supernatural Season 13 Teases New Villain


With exactly three weeks to go now until the next season commences, one could say that it’s long overdue for The CW to give us Supernatural fans some new footage. Sure, a very brief promo has been airing during commercial breaks as of late, but it didn’t really offer any hints when it came to upcoming storylines.

Thankfully, that all changed today as a decently meaty trailer has found its way online. Most interesting is the inclusion of newcomer Jeffrey Vincent (General Hospital), who’s rumored to be playing Asmodeus, one of the surviving Princes of Hell. Truth be told, all signs point toward that being Vincent’s role, as we can plainly see his character attempting to fill the power vacuum left in the wake of Lucifer and Crowley’s absences. Still, it remains uncertain if he’s indeed THE big bad this season.

Elsewhere, we’re treated to a few decent looks at Alexander Calvert as Lucifer’s son, Jack, who is isn’t wasting any time making an impact. Confirmed as being a series regular, we fully expect this most powerful of all Nephilim to be one of the more significant additions to the show.

One other thing we can’t help but discuss is Dean Winchester praying to God at the top of the trailer. Yes, this could be entirely innocuous, but the truth is that we’re all watching the clock waiting for Chuck’s return. And as sporadic as his appearances may be, his comeback in season 11 left us wanting more, so we won’t complain if he pops up sometime within the next months. Thus, this is worth taking a moment to ponder.

Supernatural returns for its thirteenth season on Thursday, October 12 on The CW.