First Teaser For Supergirl And The Flash Crossover Released


Hot on the heels of the reveal of a stunning promotional poster comes the first official teaser trailer for the historic inter-network crossover between Supergirl and The Flash. The video, which can be viewed at the top, features some token shots of the aforementioned heroes, along with a stylish display in which some speedster lightning traverses the iconic shield of the House of El. Perhaps this reporter is not the only one vaguely reminded of the opening credits to Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film.

Despite the brevity of this clip, we can’t deny how cool it is and expect a more detailed trailer to drop after next Monday’s episode of Supergirl, titled “Manhunter,” has aired. We can’t expect CBS to disrupt the space-time continuum and possibly spoil the next chronological episode, right?

This mashup of alternate universes (yes, that’s what it is) was first hinted at during the recently aired episode of The Flash, “Welcome to Earth-2,” in which the Girl of Steel could be seen in mid-flight as the Scarlet Speedster journeyed through the multiverse. Once has to wonder how poor Barry Allen launched himself into yet another parallel Earth and how he will return home – and if this crossover will ever be spoken of on The CW show. Has the speed cannon been fixed? Did he just run too fast? I’m sure Greg Berlanti and company cooked up a rather digestible piece of pseudoscience as a reasonable explantion.

For more details, be sure to check out the official synopsis below:

“Worlds Finest” – Kara gains a new ally when the lightning-fast superhero The Flash (Grant Gustin) suddenly appears from an alternate universe and helps Kara battle Siobhan, aka Silver Banshee, and Livewire in exchange for her help in finding a way to return him home, on Supergirl, Monday, March 28 (8:00-9:00 PM) on the CBS Television Network. Grant Gustin crosses over as The Flash.