First Trailer For Mr. Robot Season 2 Sparks A Digital Revolution


Having watched the pillars of society – and in particular those of Evil Corp – crumble from the shadows, fsociety now run rampant in today’s gripping first trailer for Mr. Robot season 2.

Throughout the minute-long teaser, we watch as businesses slide into liquidation, governmental bodies scramble to stem fsociety’s wicked ways, and a full-scale revolt begins to occupy headlines across the country. Anchoring that chaos as the ambiguous Mr. Robot is Christian Slater, who returns to push, pull and really torment Elliot Anderson (Rami Malek), the series protagonist who spends much of season 2’s opening episodes licking his wounds – both physical and mental – following the ground-shaking revelations of last season.

Reflecting on this, series creator and showrunner Sam Esmail stated recently that Mr. Robot season 2 will in many ways peel back the intricate layers of Elliot’s fractured mindset, perhaps pinpointing his true motivations in the process.

“Now that Elliot is aware [of the truth about Mr. Robot], that has opened the door. We’re literally externalizing Elliot’s mentality and his inner conflict, Mr. Robot being the other half of Elliot,” executive producer Sam Esmail told EW. “In the first season, because Elliot wasn’t aware, there was a mystery about who Mr. Robot was and what his real motivations were. Now we know, so what does that mean? What does Elliot really want?”

In only two months’ time, Malek and Slater will be returning to the world of technical skullduggery alongside Portia Doubleday and Carly Chaikin. In the newcomers’ camp are Joey Bada$$, Chris Conroy, Grace Gummer and Craig Robinson.

Look for Mr. Robot season 2 to boot online via USA Network on July 13 at 9 pm ET.