First Trailer For Michael Matteo Rossi’s Vengeance Lands Online


With his new film Sable now complete and in the can, director Michael Matteo Rossi has begun work on his next project. Titled Vengeance, the upcoming TV series will star Tyrone Magnus, Brianna Mazzola and Phillip Musumeci, and was written by Rossi himself.

Production on the show is nearing the finish line and to prove it, the first trailer for the dark thriller has landed online today, taking us into the world of drug lords and mobsters, with a superheroic lead character at the centre of it all. For more information, you can consult the plot summary below:

Vengeance follows Magnus as main character Derrick Chambers, a blue-collar guy trying to make ends meet. Chambers gets looped in with the wrong people on a job, and he makes a heroic decision that he pays the price for. But even in his misfortune, there’s a silver lining – super powers. And the only thing that’s on his mind is settling the score.

Speaking to us about the show last month, Rossi had this to say:

“I see this series as a blend of the 1980’s RoboCop and The Punisher series, with a bit of Deadpool thrown in as well. There are fantastical elements to the story, but it’s rooted in grit and dark character driven themes.”

Color us intrigued. Though Vengeance doesn’t have a home just yet, it’s certainly looking promising. Take a look at the trailer for yourself above and let us know down below in the comments section whether or not you agree.