The Flash And Black Lightning Won’t Air New Episodes On Election Day


With the fall season now being in full swing, we’ve found ourselves back in a groove of sorts where we just expect for our favorite shows to air new episodes each week. Of course, this can’t always ring true, as there are exceptions to be made at varying points.

Normally, holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving are home to reruns because it’s assumed a sizable chunk of the viewing audience are out and about, but it’s important we not forget about Election Day being right around the corner.

Well, apparently, the folks at The CW haven’t forgotten, either, because they’ve opted to put both The Flash and Black Lightning on brief hiatus so that those residing in the United States have the chance to exercise their civic duty.

Now, there’s not much reason for the more devoted among you to worry because the furlough applies only to Tuesday, November 6. And on that evening, expect to see encore presentations of both shows’ respective premieres – “Nora” and “The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies” – gracing screens.

Actually, re-airing said premieres isn’t that bad of an idea because both posted lower ratings than one would assume the first time around. Not only that, but The Flash hit a series low with “Blocked” last week, so common sense dictates the network won’t want to dip any further because people are at the polls.

To be honest, the decline could be indicative of superhero fatigue setting in, but that doesn’t change the fact that both shows are currently on fire. In fact, I gave The Flash‘s premiere five stars when I reviewed it not long ago.

But if you really need your DC TV fix that week, know that both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow will gift us with new episodes on Monday, November 5.

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