The Flash Blowout: Musical Crossover With Supergirl, Villain Details And More

Flash Supergirl

Who would have thought that so many geeks’ dreams would become reality on the small screen rather than the big? I guess it’s highly appropriate that The Flash be the subject of so much of the talk coming out of the TCA press tour. After all, whenever there’s a major shakeup in the DC Universe, whomever is donning the Scarlet Speedster costume can usually be found at its epicenter.

By now, many of you know that the “Flashpoint” story arc will be adapted early on in the season. As I assumed, it won’t take up too much time so that everyone can get back to business as usual – for the most part. Speaking at the TCAs this week, CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed my suspicions with the following statement (via Comic Book Movie):

“The Flashpoint exercise is only for a couple episodes before it comes back in.”

In addition to the four-show crossover involving each of The CW’s DC shows, another crossover will take place in the coming year but in a most unexpected way: The Flash and Supergirl will take part in a two-night musical event, according to Polygon.

While it would be cool for them to take inspiration from Batman: The Brave and the Bold’s classic episode, “Mayhem of the Music Meister!,” Supergirl showrunner Ali Adler’s statement makes it sound like we may be getting some cutaways more akin to Family Guy:

“We’ll be careful about how they’ll break into song. There will be an element that they’ll probably be in a character’s head so it’s not too disruptive.”

Just because the Girl of Steel is set to join an interconnected universe with the other DC shows doesn’t mean that Barry Allen won’t have a reason to do more universe hopping. Expect him to venture back to Earth 2 to once again do battle with Grodd – something which was confirmed by executive producer Andrew Kreisberg (via Collider):

“Yes, we’re going to be doing a two-part episode that takes place in Gorilla City.”

If that weren’t enough, expect this season to feature two main villains as opposed to one: Dr. Alchemy and Savitar, the latter of which is yet another evil speedster. Many of us assumed him to be The Black Racer, as Savitar’s TV counterpart’s costume resembles that particular character’s more than the one he wears in the comics. But I guess that leaves the door open for the actual Black Racer to one day make an appearance.

The Flash returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 4 on The CW.