The Flash Season 3 Set Photos Seemingly Reveal A New Villainous Speedster

Black Racer

We still don’t know who will be the big bad of The Flash‘s third season, but some new set photos may have spoiled the surprise. As you can see from the image below, it appears as if the Black Racer will be making an appearance in the premiere, and while it’s possible that he’ll only make the one appearance, the series using another speedster as a season long villain makes sense.

In the comics, the Black Racer is the Grim Reaper of the DC Universe, and essentially the same being as the Black Flash. Zoom was transformed into that character in the season two finale, so how exactly this is all connected remains to be seen (and is honestly more than a little confusing as of right now).


Regardless of who he is or how long he’ll be sticking around, the actor beneath the mysterious villain’s mask has been identified as The Vampire Diaries alum Todd Lasance. It was a couple of days ago that we got our first look at Kid Flash in the show, so hopefully the network will release some official details which clarifies things before Comic-Con.

There’s no denying that the villain looks pretty cool anyway, and it’s going to be interesting seeing how The Flash handles the Black Racer. If he does end up being the show’s new big bad, here’s hoping he has a more original plan than trying to steal Barry’s speed, eh? After all, we’ve had two years of that already.