Will Booster Gold Show Up On The Flash?


Of all the DC characters that could appear on either The Flash or its sister series Arrow, I was not expecting to see Booster Gold’s name on the list of possibilities. However, as a card-carrying member of the Booster Gold Fan Club, I obviously couldn’t be more excited about it.

DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, who has his hand in all of the upcoming DC projects, teased the possibility of Booster Gold’s appearance while on tour promoting The Flash, which premieres later this week. He and the other Flash producers talked at length with MTV about the upcoming series and were questioned about their plans to fill Arrow and The Flash with even more DC characters.

Executive Producer Greg Berlanti (who’s currently developing Supergirl for CBS) shared that a major point to The Flash was to populate it with a wide variety of characters, as a way to create an “anthology show.”

He elaborated by saying:

“We’re introducing characters that have been affected [by the particle accelerator accident] and them having their own lives that we’re getting to dramatize and bring to the show. Those things play out over multiple episodes so they’re not so case-of-the-week-y.”

Many of Flash’s villains, and even Firestorm (Robbie Amell), will debut on the series that way, and according to Johns, a similar approach could be taken for Booster Gold:

“There’s no rights issues and quite honestly Andrew [Kreisberg] and Greg have a great Booster Gold script. And Booster Gold’s a beloved character, so I would say chances are good [he will appear].”

A Booster Gold series was in development over at SyFy a few years ago, but it fell off the map pretty quickly and was never spoken of again. My guess is that the show has been scrapped, making Booster’s involvement in The Flash totally possible. I, for one, would love to see it happen, as Booster Gold is one of DC’s most underrated and entertaining characters.

For those unfamiliar, he’s a glory-seeking showboat from the future, who is down on his luck and decides to steal some tech from a superhero museum and pose as a hero in the present-day. Over time, he learns what it means to be a true hero and teams up with various DC characters, including the Justice League and Blue Beetle.

The Flash debuts on the CW this Tuesday at 8pm. We’ll be sure to let you know if we hear of anything further in regards to Booster making an appearance.

Source: MTV