The Flash May’ve Created A Shazam Link For Crisis On Infinite Earths

The Flash

The Arrowverse shows have always dropped easter eggs and references to other parts of the DC universe, just to give fans a quick thrill. We usually know not to expect every single one to pay off later on, but with “Crisis on Infinite Earths” coming up, there’s a real possibility that a seemingly harmless namedrop could be setting something up for the big crossover. For instance, The Flash just referenced a major cornerstone of Shazam lore.

The latest version of Harrison Wells arrived on Earth-1 in episode 3 of season 6. Calling himself “Nash,” he’s been traveling the multiverse on the hunt for a powerful substance called Eternium. DC fans who know their stuff may recognize Eternium as the mystically-charged element that the Rock of Eternity is made out of. As seen in the recent Shazam! movie, the Rock of Eternity is an interdimensional place, the hub of all magic, where the great wizard Shazam lived.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. In 2005’s Day of Vengeance comics series, the Rock of Eternity was destroyed. This caused a colossal explosion that was felt throughout the multiverse – whole worlds were wiped out by the blast. What’s more, Eternium then became scattered throughout the dimensions as a rare substance that could be used to cause harm to any magical individual.

So, here’s the theory that ScreenRant have suggested: what if the Rock of Eternity’s destruction has already happened in the Arrowverse and that was the catalyst of the Crisis? After all, the effects described above closely match what we’ve seen of the event so far.

Of course, we know the Anti-Monitor will be the big villain of the crossover, but what if the anti-matter wave isn’t necessarily his doing and he’s simply found a way to harness or direct it? Alternatively, what if the Anti-Monitor was imprisoned in the Rock and was released when it exploded? Just like the Seven Deadly Sins in Shazam!

This is an intriguing idea from ScreenRant, as the world of Shazam is one of the few corners of DC yet to be explored in the Arrowverse, so this would certainly be a neat little tie-in. Whether they’re on the right track with their theory remains to be seen, but be sure to keep tuning into The Flash every Tuesday to find out.