The Flash EP Breaks The Silence On Hartley Sawyer’s Firing

The Flash

Earlier today, The Flash fans were rocked by the news that Hartley Sawyer had been fired from the hit CW show. Having played Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man on the series since season 4, the news came as a shock to many but it’s fair to say that the network was justified in their actions.

After all, Sawyer was let go thanks to a number of very offensive tweets from his past that had recently resurfaced, leading to a social media storm due to their racist and misogynistic nature. Though the actor has since apologized, it seems that wasn’t enough and he’s now been fired, effective immediately.

Though The CW released their own joint statement with some of the series’ producers earlier today, showrunner Eric Wallace has now issued a statement of his own, taking to Twitter to share the following:

Well said, and again, it’s hard to blame The CW for letting him go given what some of Sawyer’s past tweets said and the message they sent. But still, it’s always tough losing a beloved actor from a TV show and no doubt fans will miss him and his character Ralph Dibny moving forward.

As for how the network will handle this in terms of the storyline, well, it’s unlikely they’ll recast and presumably he’ll just be written out somehow. But as of yet, The CW hasn’t announced their plans for how to handle the situation plot-wise.

Tell us, though, how do you think The Flash should move on from the firing of Hartley Sawyer? As always, take to the comments section to share your thoughts and watch this space for more on the situation as it continues to develop over the coming days.