The Flash EP Promises An Unpredictable Season 7

The Flash

The CW’s hit series, The Flash, left many fans wanting after the credits rolled on the most recent finale. Due to the current worldwide health crisis, filming couldn’t be completed and with a truncated episode count, the show was forced to leave a number of plot threads dangling.

The season came to an end with the most recent big bad, Eva McCulloch/Mirror Master, soundly defeating Team Flash. She successfully murdered her husband, Joseph Carver, and set up Sue Dearbon to take the fall. She also publicly regained control of her company and forced Barry to use most, if not all, of his remaining speed.

Needless to say, this was not the finale that most were expecting. And while many fans were left scratching their heads, showrunner Eric Wallace actually saw the last-minute adjustments as something of a blessing in disguise, as it allowed for the production to shake things up a little.

During an interview with TV Line, the producer commented that:

“Amid the horror and the tragedy of what’s happening with this pandemic, if we can find some kind of lemonade in the lemon, it’s us having to rethink a few things about how a Flash season looks, given this narrative unpredictability to the season. Because this is The Flash, there’s a huge twist at the end of every season, and that twist is now kind of coming in the middle of the [start of the] season. And that has really affected our storytelling for all of Season 7.”

The nature of such a brash cliffhanger means that the follow-up, set to begin filming in August of this year, will likely include some major twists. All the remaining plots need to be wrapped up so that the Arrowverse heroes can move on to their next set of adventures, and this doesn’t even take into account some of the more recent complications, such as the firing of Hartley Sawyer for a set of racist tweets.

However, Wallace seems more confident than ever that the crew behind The Flash will be able to tie things up satisfactorily and that the sudden changes were, ultimately, for the best. The hype for season 7 is steadily growing and audiences will get to judge for themselves when the show returns in early 2021.