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The Flash returned for its fifth season yesterday with a premiere titled “Nora,” which saw the Scarlet Speedster and the rest of the STAR Labs gang deal with the revelation that Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora West-Allen has travelled from the future to the present. And going by the outpouring of love for the episode on Twitter, we think it’s safe to say that it was a pretty fan-pleasing outing.

For one, people loved Nora’s use of the word “schway” – a future slang word that originated on the Batman Beyond animated series.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg for easter eggs and other nice fan-baiting touches in the premiere. As one individual reminded us, it was a veritable Flash museum of DC references.

Others, meanwhile, were just so glued to the screen that they momentarily forgot that social media existed.

Hands down, the coolest moment from The Flash premiere had to be the scene where Nora gave her pops the iconic Flash ring from the comics, which contained the hero’s new, improved, bright red costume.

In general, fans reacted positively to the addition of Nora to the cast, with one person saying that she was the finest newcomer to the show in ages.

WGTC’s own Eric Joseph was also a fan of the premiere, describing the episode in his review as “phenomenal” and successful at “managing to recapture the glory days” of the popular CW show.

The only thing now is to hope that the newfound boost in quality lasts as season 5 continues. After making his debut in this episode, Chris Klein’s Cicada will go on to become the latest big bad to threaten Central City, a villain who can dampen other metahuman’s powers. He’s been called the scariest antagonist since Zoom, so hopefully he’ll help to ensure that season 5 is one of The Flash‘s best yet.

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