Grant Gustin Teases Another Reverse-Flash Twist And “Amazing” Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd

Part of what’s made The Flash such an enjoyable comic book show is how the writers and showrunners have refused to shy away from some of the more outlandish stuff in the source material. For instance, the seeds for time travel and a nemesis like Reverse-Flash were planted in the opening moments of the pilot episode, and that same hour contained an Easter Egg for everyone’s favorite telepathic primate, Gorilla Grodd.

Now, both of those characters are coming into focus as the series enters the last third of its freshman season. The showrunners have already teased the big things still yet to come, and this week, the scarlet speedster himself has provided a few details of his own.

Speaking with CBR, Grant Gustin discussed Barry’s love life, what it was like to geek out with Mark Hamill (who will soon show up as the Trickster), and what’s on the horizon for two of his biggest foes: Reverse-Flash and Grodd.

For the majority of the season, the core mystery of the show had been the identity of Reverse-Flash, the man responsible for the death of Barry’s mother. It was recently revealed that STAR Labs’ very own Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) was the man behind the yellow suit, but according to Gustin, there’s an even bigger twist coming that no fans or journalists have already figured out:

“There’s a twist with Harrison Wells and the Reverse-Flash storyline that no journalist has guessed – I’ve never seen it online. It’s going to I think really surprise everyone. And it’s an original twist to the character that doesn’t mess up the mythology.”

As for Grodd, Gustin admitted that he has yet to share a scene with the sentient (and angry) gorilla, but teased that he’ll be brought to life in “amazing” ways on screen via a mixture of CGI, motion capture and event the tried-and-true method of putting a man in a monkey suit:

“I have not worked with Grodd yet. But I have seen him at work. Eventually, in the next part of the season we’re seeing the multiple stages of his life; as a younger Grodd, an older Grodd. Some of it is just a guy in a suit that’s, like, amazing. It can actually seem like he’s a gorilla. And then the other one, there’s still a guy there on stilts, in a suit, and then they lay a CG layer on top of that. So, he’s there with us, acting. And he’s amazing.

The Flash returns from its hiatus tonight, March 17th, 2015, on The CW.