The Flash Season 5 Will Be Full Of Big Mistakes


Every season of The Flash is based upon one, indisputable fact: Barry Allen is just the worst sometimes.

He hurts his loved ones because he keeps secrets from them, constantly ruins missions because he’s moping about Iris being mad at him or something, makes rash, Leroy Jenkins-ish decisions, and straight-up ruins timelines. Honestly, think of your most self-destructive friend, put them in the most self-destructive position they can be in, and now give them super speed. That’s what watching The Flash is like. Damn it, Barry.

According to the show’s producer, Todd Helbing, this actually runs in the family. Not only will Barry ruin things in season 5, but so will his daughter, Nora. The character debuted last season by making sporadic cameos till it was revealed during the finale that she was Barry and Iris’s daughter from the future. And completely consistent with Allen family tradition, her arrival will make a mess of things. Nora herself even ended last season with the tease the she “made a mistake.”

But it’s worse than she thinks. As revealed by Helbing, “there’s a bunch of big mistakes that are coming. It’s not just one.” So, once again, because of an Allen and their time-travel shenanigans, Team Flash and Central City will have their hands full when The Flash returns for what’s shaping up to be a pretty promising outing.

We still don’t know much about it, but we’re hopeful that the show can recapture that magic it had in its first two years. While season 3 had its moments, season 4 was very much a disappointment. It was riddled with too many underwhelming subplots, lost a significant amount of momentum during Barry’s jail-based arc and The Thinker was a weak villain. Here’s hoping that Nora breathes new life into the show and that The Flash finds a way to sprint back to life.