The Flash Season 5 Trailer Reveals Cicada As The New Big Bad


If anything, the season finale we witnessed this past May preserved The Flash‘s annual tradition of going out on crazy cliffhangers. After all, if you’re going to match happenings such as Flashpoint and Barry Allen’s exile into the Speed Force, then why not have his daughter from the future, Nora, show up to let us all know that she also enjoys messing with the timeline?

Well, as you can see in the trailer just screened for those fortunate enough to be at San Diego Comic-Con (above), the Scarlet Speedster has put his own spin on “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.” From what we can tell, Nora will pretty much be in the thick of it from the get-go. And what’s more is that we finally know her superhero name: XS!

But what we really would like to talk about is how the big bad set to plague the STAR Labs crew for the next year has finally been revealed. As it turns out, the rumors were 100% true, for Chris Klein has been enlisted to play Cicada, whom Entertainment Tonight describes as being “a cult leader obsessed with the Flash.”

Personally, I’m pretty jazzed to see Barry being gifted with the golden Flash ring known to comic book readers for decades. To date, this was a nifty element from the source material that’d yet to be introduced, so it makes sense for it to be explained as future tech. Heck, not even Cisco Ramon circa 2018 can figure out how to fit an entire costume inside of a piece of jewelry. Needless to say, the replica that I own doesn’t contain a red leather suit.

The Flash returns for its fifth season on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW