The Flash Season 5 Finale May Have Teased The Next Wells

The Flash

Tom Cavanagh playing a different version of Harrison Wells – or sometimes even several different versions – each season has become a mainstay of The Flash and something fans look forward to every year is getting to know the latest iteration of the character. Season 5 featured the French detective Sherloque Wells, but last night’s finale may have teased who’ll be taking over from him at STAR Labs in season 6.

Following his farewell from Earth-1, we see Sherloque drinking coffee at Jitters. Except it’s a steampunk Jitters, clearly from another world in the multiverse. When he turns around, the doors blow open and we glimpse a Penny Farthing bike (the Victorian ones with a large front wheel) parked outside. Upon seeing it, Sherloque smiles to himself.

It’s a curious scene, but kudos to as they might have cracked it. The steampunk flavor of the coffee shop recalls the fashion choices of a Harrison Wells we briefly met back in season 3 episode “The New Rogues.” He was from Earth-17, which means that Sherloque might have travelled there to enlist this Earth’s Wells to take his place on Team Flash.

If this is the case, hopefully the STAR Labs gang take to him better than they did last time. In the aforementioned episode, Steampunk Harrison responded to a difficult equation sent throughout the multiverse to find the best candidate for a replacement Wells. He might’ve solved it, but his verbose way of speaking and posh English accent seemed to put the team off and they quickly decided not to pick him.

The Flash has always had fun with the various Wellses clashing with the gang before they come to accept him, so we’d expect no different if the Earth-17 edition joined the crew in season 6. If we’re wrong though, at least we know Cavanagh will definitely return as Eobard Thawne, who escaped in the finale to wreak havoc with the timeline. Expect to see him again in the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover.