The Flash Season 5 Premiere Reveals Batwoman’s Involvement In Crisis On Infinite Earths


Since the very beginning, The Flash has been teasing an Arrowverse version of seminal DC event Crisis on Infinite Earths. If you’ll recall, Reverse-Flash hid a holographic newspaper from the future in his time vault in season 1 that hinted at an oncoming crisis in which the Scarlet Speedster went missing. Now, at long last, the season 5 premiere has revealed a little bit more about this mysterious incident, thanks to the arrival of Barry Allen’s daughter from the future, Nora.

It’s clarified that the Flash vanished during the event involving red skies above the Earth in the year 2024. 25 years later, in 2049, another article’s written (by Iris West-Allen, you’ll notice) that commemorates the anniversary of the crisis. In the write-up, various other heroes are mentioned, confirming their involvement in what sounds like the crossover to end all crossovers. What’s more, Batwoman is among them.

You can read the excerpt from the article below:

“But in the years following the crisis, accounts only grew more contradictory. Some eyewitnesses remember dozens of other heroes present, including Green Arrow, Batwoman, and Elongated Man. Others remember heroes thought lost in time, like The Atom, or from other worlds, like Supergirl. Some even contend they saw Reverse Flash leading an army of ‘shadow demons.”

Some have theorized that the upcoming big crossover “Elseworlds” could potentially tie into the teased “Crisis” incident as well. It would be tough to top last year’s “Crisis on Earth-X” in terms of scale, but something threatening the whole of the multiverse would certainly do it. What’s more, LaMonica Garrett has been cast as the Monitor in the crossover, a character who was key in the original Crisis comic book. If it’s revealed that the Anti-Monitor is also in “Elseworlds” – the main villain of Crisis – you can bet the fans are right.

Of course, Ruby Rose will make her debut as Batwoman in “Elseworlds” and, seeing as this Flash easter egg reveals that she’s part of the “Crisis” incident,” this is another piece of evidence that suggests we’re about to get an adaptation of the storyline. It’s hard to say exactly what Greg Berlanti and the team are planning, though, so we’d best not get our hopes up for that just yet.

The Flash continues Tuesdays on The CW.