The Flash Season 6 Set Photos Reveal Killer Frost’s New Suit


It seems one of Team Flash will be getting a new wardrobe in the upcoming sixth season of The CW show, as these set photos from filming on The Flash in Vancouver reveal actress Danielle Panabaker in character as Killer Frost, Caitlin Snow’s icy alter ego, and she’s wearing a brand new costume.

As you can see in the pics below (courtesy of, the new suit is similar to previous iterations of her outfit, retaining the blue and black color scheme. However, there are few alterations – most noticeably, the addition of a logo for the character, an elongated snow flake emblem that stretches across her torso.

Of course, Killer Frost’s look has been routinely updated every year ever since the Earth-2 version of the character was introduced in season 2, with Caitlin herself becoming Frost in season 3. This latest revamp may have come at Panabaker’s request, as the actress revealed in an interview earlier this year that she was hoping that she would get a new superhero costume in season 6.

Fans are reacting positively to the costume online as well. Twitter user @iamnumber491, in particular, believes it’s one of the Arrowverse’s best looks. “Well done, Cisco. This is one heck of a suit!” the fan wrote. “The quality of this suit is definitely up there with The Flash S4 Suit, Black Siren, Arrow S1, Supergirl, White Canary, Godspeed, and Reverse Flash.”

Previous set photos have teased that The Flash season 6 might kick off in a pretty low-key way, with the cast gathered together – sans superhero outfits – in a backyard. Presumably, the STAR Labs gang will be hanging out and enjoying some rare downtime. Though we’re sure this won’t last long before the next big bad to attack Central City makes themselves known. Whoever they are.