First Details On The Flash Season 6’s Big Bad Revealed


The Flash wrapped up its fifth season just last month, but it sounds like the casting process for season 6 of The CW superhero drama is already gearing up. Specifically, producers are on the look out for the next big bad of the show, who’s no doubt set to run rings around Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen.

TV Line reports that new showrunner Eric Wallace and his team are planning a “male big bad” for the upcoming sixth season and are “eyeing diverse actors for the part.” We still don’t know the identity of the next major antagonist to threaten life in Central City, but previous seasons have frequently featured references to the next big bad in their last few episodes, so season 5 might’ve given us some helpful clues.

Episode 20, for instance, saw Nora and her band of Young Rogues steal a Mirror Gun from McCulloch Industries. This was a clear nod to the Evan McCulloch incarnation of Mirror Master from the comics. The Sam Scudder version of the foe turned up for one episode of season 3 but, given the Mirror Master’s importance in Flash lore, it wouldn’t be out of the question to tackle a more powerful take on the character in season 6.

Alternatively, episode 12 name-dropped the Red Death – which shocked fans, to say the least. The villain was recently introduced on the page in Dark Knights: Metal and is a corrupted alternate version of Batman who’s merged with the Flash. We’re pretty sure The CW doesn’t have access to any version of Bruce Wayne, but it’s possible that an altered version of the fearsome felon could appear in season 6. EP Todd Helbing has even suggested as much.

Whoever it is, let’s hope the next big bad on The Flash turns out more successful than Cicada, who unfortunately never lived up to past main villains.

Source: TV Line