The Flash Season 6 Set Pics Reveal Tom Cavanagh’s Latest Harrison Wells

The Flash

One of the neatest things about a new season of The Flash is finding out which parallel universe incarnation of Tom Kavanagh’s Harrison Wells will be introduced. In the rookie outing, we met the Wells of Earth-1, who was responsible for Barry Allen receiving his powers. In season 2, he was Harry Wells, season 3 writer H.R. Wells, the Council of Wills and the Council of Harrisons in season 4, and detective Sherloque Wells in season 5.

Now, it seems that we’re getting a sexy new version of the character for the upcoming sixth run. As you can see down below, this look certainly fits with Kavanagh’s description of Wells’ latest incarnation. During The Flash‘s season 6 panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, he described this version as “a bit of a sensual, adventurous swashbuckler.” The summary amused the rest of the cast so much that they repeatedly referenced the word “sensual” when referring to the new Wells.

See for yourself below:

With Arrow about to begin its final seasonThe Flash is primed to become The CW’s central DC drama. This means the fastest man on earth is about to step into some very big shoes, so the showrunners had better bring the goods in season 6. Fortunately, all we’ve seen so far bodes well. I can’t wait to find out what Sendhil Ramamurthy does with new villain Bloodwork, and all the other teasers about who’s returning to the show certainly make it sound like a treat for fans.

The October 8th premiere date isn’t too far away, of course, but keep your ears peeled as more season 6 news is sure to trickle out before then. Beyond that, after all the amazing cameos we’ve heard that’ll appear in the big “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, it seems that the Arrowverse (or will it soon be the ‘Flashverse’?) is going from strength to strength and shows no signs of slowing down.