The Flash Producer Says A King Shark And Gorilla Grodd Team-Up’s Coming


Back at SDCC, The Flash exec producer Todd Helbing got fans excited for season 5 as he promised that he was working on pulling off one of the most technically-ambitious things The CW show has ever done: a team-up between Gorilla Grodd and King Shark, two of the Scarlet Speedster’s most savage foes.

Both also happen to be realized with CGI, so featuring a lot of the two characters in the same episode would significantly drain the budget for the season. However, Helbing has just given an update on the situation to CBR and he’s pretty confident that he’s managed to juggle the funds enough for the crossover to occur later on in the run.

“You know, a King Shark/Grodd. We’ve been trying to do that every year and we just run out of money, but I think we’ve figured out a way to do it this year. So yeah, I’m really excited. We’re breaking that story right now, actually. And as long as I don’t totally shank the budget, we should be good.”

This team-up to top all villain team-ups continues the tradition of both characters appearing for at least one episode in each season of the show. Telepathic primate Grodd first debuted back in season 1 and has had quite the time of it since then, having been packed off to Earth-2, returning to Central City with an army of intelligent gorillas and even getting displaced in time in a crossover appearance on Legends of Tomorrow.

King Shark, meanwhile, debuted back in season 2. Unlike Grodd, he’s more animal than man, though he was once a human before his genetic make-up was changed due to the dark matter explosion. He then reappeared in season 3, now employed as a guard by his A.R.G.U.S. captors. Following that, he showed up for a cameo in the Supergirl episode of last year’s big crossover “Crisis on Earth-X,” where he seemed to have once again escaped onto the streets.

We look forward to this particular team-up arriving after Christmas, but for now, Team Flash already have their hands full dealing with a new round of metas and latest big bad Cicada, who gets more and more interesting with each passing episode.

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