The Flash Showrunner Teases More Godspeed In Season 7


The Flash season 7 has a lot of loose ends to tie up, given that season 6 had to conclude several episodes earlier than expected. Something that likely would’ve been left open-ended anyway, though, is the mystery of Godspeed. The white-suited speedster turned up a few times in season 6 – or so we thought. You see, whenever Team Flash managed to apprehend him, it always turned out to be some kind of mind-controlled stooge. But the answers we’re waiting for will be given when the show returns.

At least, that’s according to EP Eric Wallace. While teasing season 7 during a DC FanDome virtual panel over the weekend, he tried not to give too much away, but did appear to promise that the real Godspeed will come out of the woodwork sometime during the next run.

“I don’t like spoilers let’s just say there was a certain speedster who wore a white costume, whose clones kept showing up,” Wallace explained. “Really, Team Flash has to deal with that, but we never caught the real guy or girl. Let’s just say we might find out that mystery this season.”

Godspeed was first introduced in season 5 as a one-off enemy of Nora West-Allen’s from the future. In the new timeline created by her erasure from existence, Godspeed returned and sent his copies to challenge the Scarlet Speedster in the present. Fans have assumed this is still August Heart pulling the strings, but Wallace’s “guy or girl” comment suggests that the villain’s secret identity could have completely changed in this new timeline. Especially post-Crisis.

Given that season 7 first has to deal with the unresolved threat of Mirror Mistress, it’s unclear who the new big bad will be in the next run. It’s possible it’ll be Godspeed, or perhaps his – or her – unmaking will lead in to the introduction of a brand new foe. Could it be Red Death? That’s what a lot of fans are hoping.

The Flash season 7 is expected to begin filming at the start of October. It then returns to The CW in January 2021.