The Flash EP Teases Iris’ Fate Following Season 6 Finale

The Flash

Season 6 of The Flash might not have finished in the way it initially planned due to production being shut down by the coronavirus, but it still ended on quite a cliffhanger, with Iris gaining some kind of control over the Mirrorverse, only moments later to vanish in a prismatic blur, her fate left unknown.

The main crux of the episode sees Team Flash attempting to save Carver from the determination of Eva/Mirror Mistress to extract her vengeance on him, sending an assassin trio of Doctor Light, Sunshine and Ultraviolet to assault McCulloch Industries and take out those guarding him. The end of that plotline still left Iris trapped in the Mirrorverse along with Kamilla and Singh, and showrunner Eric Wallace has now teased what we can expect for her when the show returns from its enforced hiatus.

Although what happened to her wasn’t seen, Wallace did state that she was still somewhere in the Mirrorverse, although the specifics of her exact location are unclear, and that there was enough information already given to speculate about what took place.

“As I watched this episode, I got worried that you can figure out everything that’s coming,  because I know, having read the scripts, but also all the clues are there if you’ve been paying attention. We’ve literally told you everything that’s going to happen. Literally.”

Even more frustrating for fans of the show is that the following episode would have revealed where Iris ended up, and had been a mere day shy of completion before production was suspended, so now viewers will have to wait an indefinite length of time before they get answers.

Wallace’s assertion that the revelation can be deduced is likely due to answers being vaguely alluded to in some throwaway lines of dialogue, which in the opening episodes of season 7 will be circled back to in order to divine Iris’ new location and save her from whatever fate has currently befallen her. Until then, fans of The Flash will have to be patient for the resolution of the crisis on screen, which we won’t get until the one in real life eventually plays out.