The Flash Showrunner Teases Iris Uncovering Season 6’s Big Mystery

The Flash

Iris West-Allen will have a key role to play in the unfolding mystery of The Flash season 6. So far, the STAR Labs gang have had their hands tied with new villain Ramsey Rosso AKA Bloodwork, but things will only get darker and more dangerous as the season continues following “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” And showrunner Eric Wallace has promised that Barry Allen’s other half will be at the forefront of the search for answers.

Wallace teased what’s to come on the Scarlet Speedster’s show recetly in a chat with TV Line. The EP didn’t give away any specific details, but did discuss the ace reporter finding herself knee-deep in a murky mystery that has everything to do with season 6’s big bad.

“As a result of the events of the first few episodes of this season, she gets involved in a very deep mystery that plays quite large into what’s happening this season, and our Big Bads and whatnot.”

Wallace’s hint that the early episodes of the season tie into the later ones may help us figure out what he’s alluding to here. In “A Flash of the Lightning” Iris’ colleague at The Central City Citizen, Allegra Garcia was accused of committing crimes with her electromagnetic powers until Team Flash identified the real culprit as her cousin Esperanza/Ultraviolet. We also learned that Esperanza was working for an enigmatic organization with a spiral logo.

This points to The Flash introducing Spyral, a covert spy organization from the comics run by former Nazi Doctor Dedalus. Remember, Bloodwork is only the big bad for the first half of season 6, so Spyral stands as a strong contender for the second central antagonist of this run, especially as Iris and co. have already began to touch on their criminal enterprise.

The Flash season 6 continues next Tuesday, November 17th, on The CW.