The Flash Star Weighs In On Possible Crossover With Black Lightning


With superhero crossovers being all the rage these days – especially when it comes to the DC TV side of things – many fans were understandably champing at the bit for Black Lighting to unite with the Arrowverse upon its addition to The CW’s prime time lineup. Not to be a downer, but we’ve been given several reassurances that such a thing is not on the immediate horizon in the time since Jefferson Pierce started tearing it up on the small screen.

Still, viewers and TV personalities alike wish for this to happen before long, even the latter who happen to currently star on The Flash. Hey, just because somebody is in front of the camera doesn’t mean they, too, don’t have the right to geek out.

When recently appearing at MCM Comic-Con London, a few of those who are able to call Central City their second home were subjected to crossover questions, something nobody with a gig on a DC TV show is immune to. And when it came to Danielle Nicolet, who plays Cecile Horton, this is what she had to say when asked about meeting up with the cast of Black Lightning:

“In terms of Black Lightning, just to say, I love it and I have a very public and undeniable crush on Jill Scott, so if any of the writers are listening right now, guys I’m just saying it would be fun.”

Black Lightning Flash Supergirl

As Nicolet continued, she complimented the Arrowverse on its ability to yield organic mashups:

“But the idea that different shows on the same network pop over to one another – the traditional TV lame word of synergy, I feel like the only time synergy has legit worked is on The CW in the DC universe and I think it’s cool for fans and it’s cool for us to do it.”

Just weeks ago, Cress Williams told us that he’s up for such a thing, but wants to make sure his show has a chance to develop its own world before even thinking about any crossovers. Regardless, pulling it off will be a scheduling challenge since one show films in Vancouver and the other sets up shop in Atlanta, but nothing is impossible.

The Flash and Black Lightning return for their fifth and second seasons, respectively, on Tuesday nights this fall on The CW.