New Flash Synopsis Teases Cisco’s Exit From The Show

Cisco The Flash

A new synopsis for The Flash reveals exactly when we can expect Cisco to exit the show. Earlier this month, it was confirmed that both Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh will be bringing their time on The CW series to an end at some point in season 7. While Cavanagh’s eventual last appearance has yet to be revealed, new details about episode 7×12 “Good-Bye Vibrations” make clear that this is where fans should prepare to say farewell to Vibe.

This synopsis teases Cisco and girlfriend Kamilla (Victoria Park) telling their friends on Team Flash that they’re moving on from Central City and relocating to San Francisco due to Kamilla receiving a new job opportunity, something that was revealed recently. Though this is a sad occasion for the gang, it sounds like they won’t have time to process the news as a different version of an old foe makes themselves known.

CISCO LEAVES CENTRAL CITY – Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Kamila (guest star Victoria Park) tell the team they are leaving Central City. However, Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) don’t have much time to digest the news because a new version of Rainbow Raider (guest star Jona Xiao) strikes and OG Team Flash must join together one final time to save the city. Philip Chipera directed the episode written by Kelly Wheel.

Like many of the major Rogues from the comics, Rainbow Raider has only been sparingly used in the Arrowverse. The original, Roy Bivolo (Paul Anthony), was a recurring presence way back in season 1 but hasn’t been seen since then. As with the likes of Mirror Master and Weather Wizard/Witch, we’re now getting a rebooted take on the villain played by Jona Xiao. It’s certainly a neat idea to bring back a Rogue from the show’s early days for the final time that the original team will ever be together.

Last week’s episode also saw Harrison Wells return for what’s sure to be one of his final appearances. The character was effectively written out at the beginning of season 7, with Cavanagh sticking around for a few guest spots. Showrunner Eric Wallace has said the door is still open for both Cavanagh and Valdes to return to the series at a later date, but this is definitely the end of an era.

So, get ready for Cisco’s final regular appearance on The Flash in episode 7×12 “Good-Bye Vibrations,” which airs on The CW in a couple of weeks’ time on Tuesday, June 1st.