New Details About The Flash’s Upcoming 100th Episode Revealed


The Flash is entering its fifth season this fall, which means the Scarlet Speedster’s show will be reaching its 100th episode very soon. And sure enough, during The CW series’ panel at this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, some juicy new details about the milestone arrived which help give us a taste of the overall structure of the upcoming season.

First off, it’s been revealed that Tom Cavanagh – who’s been a part of The Flash since the beginning in his ever-changing role as Harrison Wells – has been given the honor of directing the hugely significant episode. Though primarily known for his work in front of the camera, Cavanagh has previously helmed a couple of outings before this, one for each of seasons 3 and 4, so he’s a safe pair of hands to shepherd this important installment to the screen.

What’s more, it’s been confirmed that the 100th episode, which is the eighth episode of the run, will act as the midseason finale. This is an intriguing bit of news, as we’ve already learned that episode 9 will form part of the big Arrowverse crossover this December. Clearly, then, episode 8 will be the one to send off the main storyline before Christmas, leaving Barry free to take part in the team-up with Arrow and Supergirl (though not Legends of Tomorrow this time).

This makes a change to previous years, too, as the crossover has always fallen on episode 8 instead, meaning the midseason finale comes – as you would expect – last. Typically, the finales end on some big cliffhanger that shakes up the hero’s world. Apparently this time, though, Barry Allen will be free enough to set off to Gotham City and meet up with Batwoman/Kate Kane for the first time.

Whatever form the 100th episode takes, let’s hope it’ll be a memorable one. Arrow‘s own 100th episode fell in the “Invasion” crossover and took place in a dream world created by the Dominators, bringing back various stars and celebrating the show as a whole. Fingers crossed the writers and Cavanagh can do something similar and remind us all what makes The Flash so great.