One Arrowverse Show Will Sit Out Of This Year’s Crossover


After Greg Berlanti and company began these Arrowverse crossovers a few years back with what were once two-show affairs, they soon blossomed into something greater than any of us could imagine. In the seasons to follow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow joined forces with Arrow and The Flash to create prime time epics such as “Invasion!” and “Crisis on Earth-X.”

Well, as it turns out, this year’s monumental mashup will afford the cast and crew at least some relief, as only three shows will be participating in the event set to introduce Batwoman and Gotham City to the Arrowverse. Believe it or not, it’s Legends of Tomorrow that didn’t get invited to the party this time around.

Right now, no specific reason for the exclusion has been given, but it makes sense to this writer. If you think about it, whatever’s going on over in Gotham City likely won’t have stakes as high as some of the previous crossovers we’ve seen, and it may make little sense to travel through time to fight villains that are somewhat grounded. And yes, I’m aware that Batwoman has battled baddies rooted in the occult, but my point stands. More often than not, any hero claiming the “Bat” prefix deals with flamboyant criminals.

Though this isn’t the greatest news for those of you already shipping Kate Kane and Sara Lance, I find the somewhat different format chosen for this year to be exciting. In other words, expect for things to kickoff with Supergirl on Sunday night, continue over to Arrow on Monday, and wrap up with The Flash on Tuesday. Whether Legends will air a new episode on whatever week in December this lands remains to be seen, but it may be best to have it take a brief furlough so viewers aren’t confused.

In fact, we should’ve seen this coming because, if you’ll recall, the key art debuted for the Arrowverse crossover a couple months back didn’t include a single member of the Waverider crew. That aside, we can’t help wondering from which Earth Batwoman hails, something we hope to be answered at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.