Fox Orders Global Frequency TV Pilot Based On DC Comic Series

Global Frequency

Fox’s new Batman prequel series, Gotham may be generating some mixed critical reactions, but the show is a huge ratings hit, so it was frankly only a matter of time before the studio poured over another pile of DC Comics and ordered an additional television adaptation.

It comes as no surprise then that Fox has done just that, though the new show of choice is a bit unexpected. According to Deadline, Fox has ordered a pilot for the Warren Ellis-penned comic series Global Frequency, which ran for twelve issues between 2002 and 2004. Unlike more serialized comic book stories, Global Frequency centered on single-issue, standalone tales. The story focused on an independent, covert intelligence organization, led by a woman using the alias Miranda Zero. Deadline describes the show’s approach to the story as follows:

“The show will chronicle the workings of The Global Frequency, a privately funded crime-fighting operation that uses worldwide crowdsourcing to solve crimes the police cannot.”

The pilot will be written by Farscape and Defiance creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, with Jerry Bruckheimer serving as executive producer. This new effort actually marks the third time a Global Frequency adaptation was attempted. The WB went as far as filming a pilot starring Michelle Forbes and Josh Hopkins a decade ago, but that fizzled and went nowhere. The CW tried again with a new pilot script a few years later, but that one never even made it in front of cameras. Hopefully O’Bannon has more luck this time around.

As always, we’ll keep you apprised of any new information about this new Global Frequency adaptation as it becomes available. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts about this news in the comments section below.