Fox Keen To Expand The X-Files Miniseries With A Second Season

x-files 3

Fox is beginning to dream big for its modern-day revival of The X-Files. Originally pitched as a six-episode miniseries, there’s been a growing sense of momentum (read: strong viewing figures) that may facilitate the network exploring a second season of Mulder and Scully’s long-awaited return.

Prior to premiere, leading stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson entertained the idea of continuing their paranormal investigations, and now David Madden, President of Entertainment at Fox, has revealed that the network “would love to do more.”

Word comes by way of Variety, where Madden touched base on the strong reception garnered by The X-Files‘ return. Now, it’s really a case of weighing up whether there’s a demand for a sophomore outing – a decision that will likely be left until after the airing of this weekend’s finale.

“We are over the moon with the performance. So far, the response has been really encouraging. Everyone has to get the word out there in order to get the ratings that will promote more episodes.”

The one caveat that could scupper plans for a season 2 is the fact that Duchovny and Anderson may not be able to reprise their roles. Even before January’s premiere, Duchovny was hesitant about committing to a full, 22-episode run, which was one factor that led to the six-episode miniseries. But will Fox be able to find a workaround?

The X-Files miniseries is gearing up for its finale on February 22 – entitled “My Struggle II” – but going by Madden’s encouraging comments coupled with the revival’s strong ratings, a second season is nigh on inevitable at this point.