Fox Reveals First Official Look At Gotham’s Joker

Gotham Joker

Most folks usually feel a bit of nostalgia whenever any TV show they enjoy watching nears its conclusion. It’s perfectly understandable, too, as they begin to reflect on how much has happened in whatever fictional world the series was set in. And while Gotham lasted only half as long as Smallville, it sure did produce some truly unforgettable moments over the course of its run.

Now, with only a handful of episodes remaining, the Batman prequel series looks to prove that it isn’t done contributing what it can to the lasting mythos as it aims to show us just how far these heroes and villains will evolve before fading to black. There’s much to look forward to in that regard, of course, but the one character that most fans are eager to see in the finale is Cameron Monaghan’s Joker.

That acid bath Jeremiah Valeska endured at Ace Chemicals obviously did a real number on his skin, and for those eager for their first glimpse at how Gotham‘s Clown Prince of Crime is going to look, you’re in luck. And that’s because Fox has now released not only the first official photo of the show’s version of the Joker, but a quick teaser as well, which reveals the iconic villain in action – if only briefly.

As you can see above, the promo picks up a few years after that aforementioned Ace Chemicals incident, as we see Jeremiah at Arkham Asylum in pretty bad shape. It isn’t long though before he’s back on his feet again and giving us all the chills as we see him sporting a brand new look, with his transformation into the Joker seemingly complete. And though we don’t get a whole lot of footage here, what we do see is certainly promising.

Donning full makeup and a purple suit, J tells us, “I feel something new. Something beautiful,” before we see him with a Batarang through his hand, teeing up what’s sure to be an epic showdown with Batman. And though there isn’t too much beyond that, this promo along with the official photo up above will no doubt get fans hyped for what’s looking to be an absolutely epic conclusion to Gotham.

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