Frank Castle’s Out Of Control In New Punisher Season 2 Trailer


Criminals of New York City, watch out! Frank Castle returns this Friday for the second season of Marvel’s The Punisher. Jon Bernthal’s gun-toting vigilante with a vendetta against wrong-doers doesn’t look to be any less angry and bloodthirsty in the sophomore – and probably last – run of the Netflix show, and if you want proof of that, just check out the trailer above.

This new promo for season 2 gives us a flavor of where the upcoming batch of episodes will take Frank. It seems he’s trying to lay low when we catch up with him, and he’s even started a romance. With The Man in the High Castle‘s Alexa Davalos, no less (fans of the actress will remember she and Bernthal already starred opposite each other in Mob City). However, as always in Frank’s life, tragedy will soon strike and the former marine will find himself digging out his old bulletproof skull vest once again.

The back half of the teaser focuses on the return of Billy Russo AKA Jigsaw (Ben Barnes), following his visceral defeat at Frank’s hands in the season 1 finale. Though his face has healed up better than comic book readers would’ve thought, it looks like Billy’s psyche’s been fractured instead and he goes a violent rampage across the city. We’re guessing only Frank can stop him.

Fans can’t wait to see if season 2 matches up to the quality of the first run, but the sad thing is that this will surely be it for Frank Castle on Netflix. After the cancellations of Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil late last year, we’re all expecting the streaming service to pull the plug on both The Punisher and Jessica Jonesonce its third season hits later this year, too. Maybe just two seasons is fitting for Frank Castle, though. After all, his catchphrase is “one batch, two batch. Penny and dime.”

Be sure to catch The Punisher season 2 when it lands on Netflix this Friday, January 18th.