Frank Castle Hides In Plain Sight In Latest Set Photos For The Punisher

We still know very little about what to expect from The Punisher when it hits Netflix next year, but more photos from the New York set of the highly anticipated series point to Deborah Ann Woll having a key role in the show. Best known for playing Karen Page in Daredevil, that character struck up a unique friendship with Frank Castle when they crossed paths during season 2.

Based on the latest photos from The Punisher – this time from Chinatown – it looks like the vigilante will be disguising himself as a homeless man so he can have a word with his old ally. A fugitive on the run from the law following the events of Daredevil, the two meeting like this makes a lot of sense, as does the fact that Frank isn’t wearing the iconic skull logo on his chest. Chances are that’s something which the series will save for when The Punisher heads into action at night ,as him walking around suited up during the day would probably blow his cover pretty quickly.

The beard is also an interesting touch, though it’s a look the comic book version of the character has sported on a few different occasions while on the run from the law. With Iron Fist on the way and The Defenders set to begin shooting soon, it could be a while before we get anything official from The Punisher, but the photos in the gallery above definitely serve as a good taste of what’s to come.