Freedom Fighters: The Ray Premiere Date, Images And Synopsis Revealed


Those of you who enjoyed the first animated web series to be set within the Arrowverse, Vixen, were probably ecstatic to learn that Greg Berlanti and company had a similar project lined up, that being Freedom Fighters: The Ray. Having been originally announced around the time of San Diego Comic-Con this past summer, we expected to see the Ray lead other heroes into battle against Nazi doppelgangers of DC TV’s heaviest hitters before long. But, as the Crisis on Earth-X crossover concluded, we were left wondering just what was going on with the animated tie-in.

Fortunately, we need wait no longer because Bleeding Cool reports that the first episode will premiere on the CW Seed streaming service this Friday, December 8. Furthermore, this meaty synopsis has also been disclosed:

All his life, Ray Terrill (Russell Tovey, “Quantico,” “Looking”) has fought injustice, dreaming of making a real difference like his older brother, a Marine who was killed in Afghanistan. One day, he stumbles upon a dying superhero from another Earth and is stunned to find that this superhero looks just like him—because it is! The dying Ray Terrill of Earth-X transfers photokinetic energy to this Earth’s Ray, making him a superhero – THE RAY.

However, Ray quickly learns being a superhero isn’t all hanging muggers from streetlamps and fighting giant robots. As the evil Nazi New Reichsman of Earth-X, led by Overgirl, close in, The Ray must learn to harness his powers by coming to terms with his true self, even if that means also finally coming out of the closet to his parents. The fate of Earth-X depends on it! Based on the characters from DC, FREEDOM FIGHTERS: THE RAY is from Blue Ribbon Content and Warner Bros. Animation, with executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Sam Register.

Well, that clears up how Ray Terrill got his powers and how he ended up on Earth-X, neither of which the crossover really addressed. Still, the accompanying gallery raises more questions, chief among those being the villains to be dealt with.

As you’re well aware, the primary antagonists in last month’s crossover were that of Dark Arrow, Overgirl and Blitzen/Reverse-Flash. The problem we’re dealing with here is that while this prequel will have the likes of Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist reprise their roles, Grant Gustin was originally reported to voice Blitzen. But, as you can see, the Nazi Flash pictured more closely resembles Barry Allen rather than Eobard Thawne, so maybe we’ll see something like Thawne killing that Earth’s Barry.

Also of note is Red Tornado fighting on the side of good (he was to be used by the New Reichsman as a weapon of mass destruction in the crossover), so his corruption may also be something we see unfold. Well, there’s that and Vibe being pictured, so we’re wondering just how the heck he’ll factor into Freedom Fighters: The Ray, yet have no knowledge of these events in Crisis on Earth-X proper. That is, unless, the storytelling won’t be linear. We’ll just have to wait and see.